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New Products Out Now!

Our keeved cider and sparkling elderflower wine is out now!! Buy it now from our website or come down to one of our market events and buy a bottle in person.

Our Calender


The first law now needs disgorging. A tricky process.

 The elderflowers are now out and need picking. St James’s church yard in Thorpe Thewles is a favourite location for this.


The Elderforwer for 2021 is now being picked and batched. Meanwhile the 2020 batch is ready to be labelled after being corked and caged.


All of 2020's Keeved, Elderflower and First Law is now ready to sell. All 1500 litres will be packed and safe for consumption.

At the end of August, the first apples are ripe on the trees and are picked.

Our Events

Sedgefield Farmers Market

Sunday 5th of July from 8:30 to 12:30.
 Come and visit our stall and taste our wine!

Malton Monthly Food Market

Saturday 11th of July from 9:00 to 3 pm.
Come and visit our stall and taste our wine!