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We're Out Of Keeved Cider and Eldeflower Wine!!

Due to a couple of really well attended Christmas markets and a lot of thirsty customers we're all out of our Keeved Cider and elderflower wine. We're really sorry if this comes as an inconvenience to any of you. But if you are looking to buy, you can still order one of our other products from our store.

All of our products are the culmination of many hours of intensive, yet equally rewarding work. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we have enjoyed making them.

Award Winner!

The First Law (2020) has won a bronze medal in the 2020 International Cider Challenge. We're so pleased, it's all down to our hard work and dedication to showcase the best of local ingredients.

Our Products

The First Law

Our first and original product - this is where the journey began! An award winning sparkling apple wine with a crisp dry taste. An all round favourite.

Sparkling Elderflower Wine 

An elegant, great tasting sparkling wine with a strong floral flavour. Made using wild elderflowers from just two locations within 1 mile of the brewery.

Keeved Cider

Our most natural product to date,  made using no added sugar and all natural yeast. The flavours are beautifully sweet and have a fresh, crisp apple taste. As an original cider, our brewing method originates from the 1600s.