Sparkling Elderflower Wine

The Sophisticated Summertime Wine

Whats It All about?

Why is the Sparkling Elderflower wine named Diana?

 The Sparkling Elderflower wine was Rob’s mum’s favourite and as such is named in her honour. It is so fragrant that our customers often tell us that it takes them straight to the summer and lazy days spent in the garden soaking up the sun. Diana actually takes us a whole calendar year to make, as it takes many months to clear over the winter. 

  • Diana is a Sparkling Elderflower wine carbonated by secondary fermentation using the traditional champagne method
  • It is made from a cold water infusion of wild Elderflowers
  • All the elderflowers are sourced locally to Thorpe Thewles, picked and soaked by hand, making this a truly artisan product
  • We refuse to pasteurise the ‘must’ as fermentation and washing are more than sufficient controls
  • No sulphites are added as preservatives – so the sulphite level is vanishingly small i.e. less than 10 µg per litre
  • The 2022 vintage uses no finings and so is truly vegan friendly.

The wine is very dry as all the sugars are fermented out in both primary and secondary fermentations.